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Yin Yoga

"Your heart is the light of this world. Don't cover it with your mind."

What we offer

and love to share

A beautiful practice to experience inner silence.

Let go and learn how to relax your body and mind to open up for the present moment.

Be present, be here, be now. Experience yourself disidentified from thoughts and emotions.

Experience the healing touch of love and compassion. Feel and let  yourself be completely held and cared for from another being. Dive deep into your own being-ness through the support of someone else. 

Explore your bodies fluidity and subtle movements. 

Experience the power of gentle touch. 

Spiritual Counseling

If the desire for truth, god or enlightenment has arose in you and you feel you could need some help, guidance or simply someone to talk with, my door is completely open for you. 




“It was definitely worth it to wait and search for 5 years for this training of Selma and Yohann. Beginning the day with yoga and meditation was excellent in terms of staying in our own center and warming up to movements. They showed us that Thai massage is not just about movements, but how much healing is happening with compassion and loving touch. Selma and Yohann offered to convey what they knew to the last drop. It was a great experience to learn Thai massage from their approach and point of view. The 10-day retreat was really tiring but the result was softened hearts and excitement about what’s coming next!! Infinite gratitude for your contribution, caring and countless things you have taught us through your presence!”

— Sibel E.


Who we are

Yohann Stasse

Before his Yoga journey began, Yohann worked as an IT engineer, working alternatively for the private sector and non profits. He also worked as an English to French translator.

In 2012 he discovered Yoga and studies it since then. He mainly focuses on Yin Yoga, long and gentle deep stretches in an atmosphere of introspective silence. Through Jane Mackarness he discovered Yoga Nidra and immediately recognized the beauty and healing potential of this old and timeless approach.


Yoga came as a rescue boat in a time of deep physical pain, and mental anxiety. Over the years after this initial meeting, he immersed himself in various healing techniques, hands-on healing, Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki and Yoga Nidra and discovered his natural peace and silence and healed his body and mind. From this place of contentment, he teaches and practice Thai massage, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra, and loves to meet and be of service to those whose lives have turned towards healing and self recognition.

Now it is joy to be able to share the Yoga Nidra Teacher Training for all of thoses who are called by this beautiful practice. 


Yohann is a disciple of Advaita Master Sri Mooji and he’s forever grateful for the love, the clarity and the sense of service to all that his master keeps revealing in him. He also volunteers his IT skills for the wider sharing of Sri Mooji non dual pointings, as well as occasionally translate his Satsangs into french live.


Selma Charlotte Schmid

Selma Schmid was born and raised in Austria, but spent most of her time after her twenties in other countries and mostly in Turkey, the homeland of her mother.She has an Bachelor Degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology from and did a 400-hours Art Therapy Training before she started her nomadic life style. Meeting and learning from different spiritual Teachers, she was searching for a way to live life and be with others that would bring her the most joy. When she found Thai Massage 2014 it became her main focus and her life started to create itself around it.

At the same time she completed her first Yoga Teacher Training.

She began with a strong and powerful Yoga Practice, but soon after the completion of her 200 hours Training she found the beauty and silence in Yin Yoga. It taught her to let go into the moment and to trust in silence, and it became her main interest in practice and teaching. With the combination of Thai Massage her classes are accompanied by loving touch and deep listening. 

Learning and deepening her knowledge in Acupressure, Craniosacral Therapy and Yoga Nidra gave her teachings more depth. She also has a deep interest to learn and share about the female body and the wonders of pregnancy, birth and female cycle.

She teaches Basic Thai Massage Trainings, Yin Yoga and Co-Teaches Yoga Nidra Workshops. The rest of her time she spends with her partner and dog close to her Master Sri Mooji in Portugal. His pointings ended her seeking and brought her home to herself, her gratitude for his presence and love is endless. 

In deep gratitude to her teachers: Itzhak Helman, Pau Castellsague, Krishnatakis, David Lutt, Andrea Baglioni, Micha Merrick, Esra Yazici, Chris Chavez, Beta Lisboa, Biff Mitthoefer, Funda Battle, Oren Dotan, Rah Busby, Filiz Telek, Basak Deepa Yüksel, Giuditta Tornetta, Godfrey Devereux... and everyone who enriched and nourished her path. 


Trainings and Events


31th May - 9th June 2019

Bodrum - Karakaya


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WhatsApp: +90 530 402 6909

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